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Eye Quotient

Who We Are



How it All Began

It all started when our founder, Dr Claudine Pang, realized the need to spread eye health awareness to communities-at-large.

People in underprivileged societies are not getting proper access to good eyecare. Why should the inaccessibility of financial constraints of getting to a good eyecare consultant prevent people from having a healthy vision?

People in corporate organizations are exposing their eyes to prolonged periods of digital screen time without taking the time to care for their eyes appropriately. How many people are sitting at work with bad vision and not doing anything about it?

And so, the idea of Eye Quotient was born. Today, we are able to bring eyecare to underprivileged societies for free, with funds from corporate organizations that value their employees’ welfare and are committed to their company’s CSR at the same time. No one should have to compromise their vision due to a lack of time or money.

Our Team

Lynn Lau

Lynn graduated with a Bachelor of Science & Optometry from Cardiff University (UK). With experience as a senior optometrist in both ophthalmic clinics and optical stores, she leads our team of optometrists to ensure the highest level of eyecare to our clients.

Francine Chia

With prior experience in the Finance and Business Sectors, Francine leads the business development team which encompasses growing the relationships with our corporate clients as well as our charities and beneficiaries.

Zhiyong Soo

Being an experienced optometrist in both ophthalmic clinics and optical stores, Zhiyong leads the logistical and operational aspects of our workflow so that our clients receive seamless and quality eyecare beyond expectations.

Our Partners


Spun out of the MIT Media Lab, EyeNetra aims to simplify the refraction testing process and the equipment for it. EyeNetra created a suite of portable and accurate tools to ensure vision testing can be made accessible to all.

Rocket Eyewear

The Rocket Eyewear Company is a home-grown brand, marked by its distinctive red dot. Rocket produces high quality eyewear that is versatile and sensible. Its unique styles and Asian-fit frames look good on every face.


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ophthalmic products, Zeiss stands for maximum precision, quality and visual comfort. Offering innovation and outstanding optical quality in its products, Zeiss aims to enhance quality of life.


Trusted by medical professionals, Santen Pharmaceutical offers innovative products bound by high quality compliance and has a vision to provide clear vision for patients throughout the world.


Eye Quotient is growing fast, and we’re always hiring.

We are a fun team driven by our mission to change how eyecare is being delivered. Amidst global digitalization and widespread replacement of processes with artificial intelligence, we believe in maintaining the human touch in eyecare and providing personalized services to our clients and charities.

We work hard and we play hard too. If you want to work as part of a dynamic, fast-paced team and make a real impact in an innovative company, we want to hear from you:

Our Current Openings:

  • Optometric Consultants
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Charity Secretary